The Sigma Series 500 is offered in models of 3 meters up to more than 12 meters of welding length that allows us to configure the size of the machine to meet the product requirements.

Provides electronic positioning control on all items related to the process giving accurate and consistent results.

A versatile Beckhoff PLC gives us the ability to store more than 30,000 programs and program groups as well as giving us total control of the welding process with up to 10 steps to weld the most difficult fabrics.

A servo controlled rear back gauge is standard with the possibility of incorporating a servo controlled front gauge system to accurately control the positions of the fabric.

A fully automatic folding pocket with depth control utilizing a motor, encoder, and a drive to accurately position the pocket depth.

An optional digital pressure control allows for automatically adjusting the welding pressure during the welding process.

The concept of work from the top allows us to have the table area open for the fabrics, giving us the space for the operator to work without any obstructions.

Illuminated work area gives the operator visibility to the process.

A touch screen HMI with the possibility of a mobile tablet make the Sigma easy to use.

Safety systems including light curtains and pneumatic anti-return system keep the operator safe when working with the machine.

A guided welding bar guarantees straight welding.


“If you can’t do it with an electric SIGMA, you can’t do it”